You are to research for an event



You are to research for an event (NOT BP-Gulf of Mexico or Exxon Valdez as they are likely to be discussed with you) where a company created a situation where their legitimacy was compromised. Considering the aspects of PAT, System-oriented theories and/or Social & Environmental, discuss the case. This should be in a report format, introducing the case, discussing the issues, how did they manage the situation, the conclusion (outcomes) as well as your recommendations and views. Note: the case must be within the past few years so that information is easily sourced.
Sources that you will find useful include;

• AASB (website of Australian Accounting Standards Board)
• IASB (website of International Accounting Standards Board)
• FASB (website of US-based Financial Accounting Standards Board
• ICAA (Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia)
• CPAA (Certified Practising Accountants Australia)

It is also recommended that you utilise Proquest and Google Scholar as well as Financial review, the Age and BRW (Business Review Weekly)

Marks will be given on the soundness of your argument, research conducted, quality of report (presentation, referencing) and the understanding of the issues. Each report will be assessed individually.

Report structure: should consist of summary, introduction, points of discussion and conclusion. Where you feel a number of theories are applicable and that is quite likely, ensure they are clearly identified.

Please ensure you attach a copy of the case study to your hard copy assignment.