World Cities Geography 2060A Representing the City

World Cities Geography 2060A Representing the City custom essay

World Cities Geography 2060A Representing the City: Assignment #2 Summary

Media representations are the ways in which the media portrays particular groups, communities, experiences,ideas, or topics from a particular ideological or value perspective. This assignment is designed to get you thinking about how cities are portrayed in the media, which bears significantly on how they are viewed by the public.

  • 15% of final grade
  • Length: 1000 words

Assignment Instructions

  1. Identify an urban issue in a major world city and at least 5 news media articles that deal with this issue (*no blog posts, personal websites or wikipedia – aim for major news media sources).
  2. In the first section, provide a brief descriptive profile of the city, and a brief summary of the issue.
  3. In the next section, critically analyze how the urban issue and the city are being portrayed. Some things to think about: Whose voices are being represented and whose ignored? Do the articles differ in perspective (and why?) What representation of the issue and city strike you as convincing? What do you question? What might the consequences of this representation have on the future of this issue/of the city?
  4. Use quotations (very brief) and evidence to justify your claims and provide a clear bibliography of your sources.



Description of the Problem—-4points

Analysis and Quality of Sources—-8points

Writing, grammar and following assignment guidelines—–3points                  Total is 15 points

Font : times new roman, 12, double spaced , page margins 1


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Additional info: BBC CBC are great recources to look for. You can add map in your profile section. The map u add have to show the location of the city from continent map and country map.



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