Women in Church / Woman’s beauty in God’s eyes

Women in Church / Woman’s beauty in God’s eyes Custom Essay

Women in Church / Woman’s beauty in God’s eyes

This is actually a group project on women in Church. The topic is really broad so there are no specific assigned requirements for this project. This is paper doesn’t have to be so detailed and deep. this is just a general ideas and thoughts. I have thought of some subheadings such as:

  1. biography of woman who pushed for rights of women in the Church
  2. the treatment of women in general in the church
  3. list of famous women in the Bible.
  4. How God view women(please provide some biblical evidence)
  5. beauty of women mentioned in the bible (please provide biblical evidence for each subheadings, please fill something that would help for example, your thoughts on this or the sources you found or any ideas that might help.

Women in Church / Woman’s beauty in God’s eyes

Again, this two pages of paper are basically just general ideas. Dont need to go that deep. Once me and my groupmates have gathered all the information and things we need, I will place another order to write a really formal and complete essay on this topic. Also, feel free to think of more subheadings that fit this topic.


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