When introducing a new vehicle targeted to the under-30 population

When introducing a new vehicle targeted to the under-30 population

When introducing a new vehicle targeted to the under-30 population, Toyota used several different methods of communication. First, it did research in several large cities to find out who the opinion leaders were in that age group. By visiting the local nightlife, one or two people in each city were selected and given a new vehicle to drive for two weeks. They were told to share information about this new vehicle with their friends. After a few weeks, then a television campaign was launched with commercials introducing the new vehicle. Toyota also placed ads in magazines that were targeted to the under-30 age group, and used drive-by billboards in the large cities near the nightclub areas.

133. Toyota’s act of giving the opinion leaders a new vehicle for two weeks is best described as an example of

a) advertising.

b) personal selling.

c) sales promotion.

d) buzz marketing.

e) push marketing.

134. Suppose Toyota also offered the dealership salespeople a trip to Hawaii for anyone who could sell ten of the new vehicles within the first month they were available? This tactic would be an example of _____ marketing, while the TV commercials described above would be an example of ________ marketing.

a) pull; push

b) personal selling; push

c) pull; sales promotion

d) push; pull

e) personal selling; sales promotion

135. Suppose that Toyota has decided to contract with the producer of the next James Bond 007 movie to use one of its new vehicles in a chase scene. This would best be an example of

a) sales promotion.

b) word-of-mouth promotion.

c) product placement.

d) viral marketing.

e) publicity.

136. Which of the following is not an integrated communications tactic used by Toyota?

a) word-of-mouth communication

b) advertising

c) publicity

d) personal selling

e) sales promotion

Use the following to answer questions 137-140:

The manufacturers of Whizz, a new laundry detergent, are developing their promotional plan for the first year. They know they want to use an integrated communications strategy and are considering the use of advertising through TV and magazines, coupons, public relations, sales promotion, and viral marketing. They are not sure when to use each of these methods however, and have asked for your advice.

137. Since Whizz is a new product, which of the following promotional methods would you least recommend?

a) magazine ads.

b) viral marketing.

c) television commercials.

d) a price-reduction sales promotion.

e) public relations.

138. If the manufacturers of Whizz were to partner with Whirlpool to place a bottle of Whizz in each new washer that is purchased during the first year, this would be an example of

a) advertising.

b) sales promotion.

c) viral marketing.

d) packaging.

e) publicity-based public relations.

139. The makers of Whizz considered a new promotional method for their product. A small box of Whizz was placed in the mailbox of college students as they came on campus in the fall. Along with the Whizz, the students received a coupon for $1.00 off their next purchase. They could receive another coupon for $3.00 off if they went online and emailed five friends at another college, telling them about Whizz. The friends could then go to a website and print a coupon for $2.00 off their next purchase. The sample boxes given to the college students are an example of ______, while the emails to the five friends are an example of _____.

a) sales promotion; advertising

b) sales promotion; personal selling

c) publicity; sales promotion

d) viral marketing; sales promotion

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