problems facing President Truman

What were the major problems facing President Truman, both foreign and domestic? How did he attempt to address them?

The Postwar world and Truman’s Respons
Unit 2 The Eisenhower Era

ReadingsPages 55 – 119 QuestionsWhat were the major domestic developments of the Eisenhower Presidency? Which did the president regard as most significant
Unit 3 The rise of liberalism under JFK and LBJ

ReadingsPages 120 – 146 QuestionsDescribe teh successes and failures of the brief Kennedy presidency.
Unit 4 The Great Society

ReadingsPages 146 – 181 QuestionsDescribe the principle pieces of legislation in Johnson’s Great Society program? His War on Poverty program?
Unit 5 The Civil Rights Movement

ReadingsPages 148-152, 161 – 167, 175, 197-202 QuestionsList chronologically the major events in the unfolding of the civil rights movement
Unit 6 Era of the Vietnam War

ReadingsPages 153-157, 167-168, 176-183, 203-206, 212-213 QuestionsTrace the evolution of American involvement in Vietnam? What

were the costs of that war? And what was the outcome?

Unit 7 The Nixon Presidency

ReadingsPages 184-220 QuestionsWhat were the domestic achievements of the Nixon presidency?

What were the foreign affairs achievements?

Unit 8 The Ford-Carter Transition


Pages 220 -237


Describe how the energy issue was handled during the Ford-Carter era and include its effects on politics and the economy. Evaluate Carter’s handling of foreign affairs

Unit 9 The Reagan Revolution

ReadingsPages 237-274 Questions

What were Reagan’s political, social and economic views? Give examples of how they were implemented. What were the effects of his policies?

Unit 10 Centrist government under G.H.W.Bush and Bill Clinton

ReadingsPages 275 – 307 QuestionsGive examples of how both presidencies attempted centrist solutions to problems they were facing. How successful were they in doing so?
Outside Assignment

From a non-text source, e.g., an historical theme movie, a segment from a television series such as The American Experience, or from a documentary on the History Channel, write a 2-3 page critique of what you chose to view. The subject matter must be relevant to the scope of this course.

A large portion of historical material delivered in this manner is quite good. The purpose of this assignment is to show that the study of history can continue outside the classroom, in an informal and entertaining manner.

Bonus Assignment

This assignment is entirely optional. Attempting it will in no way impact negatively on your grade, but it can add “bonus points” in determining your final grade for the course. Do as much or as little as you choose. Or, do nothing. It is entirely your choice.

Terrorist attacks on American interests began long before 9/11. List these various earlier attacks, the government’s response to them, and how that response might now impact on the security of the American nation. Use whatever source materials you choose. You will NOT be graded on opinion, but back your opinions with fact, fully understanding that “fact” can be interpreted