What are the factors for changing language?

Language Change “I will send you the instruction about the essay via your email” Custom Essay

Language change

What are the factors for changing language?

Is the alternation progress language or decay?

Focus on language change in general and if you want you can use English as an example.

Focus on some points and make a clear argument

The essay should have an introduction, research questions, the body paragraph (argument) and conclusion.

1- The essay should have introduction body paragraph and conclusion. Literature review and methodology of the essay

2- . Please do research questions, which mean the essay should answer those questions. And try focus on some relevance aspects in the essay that you are going to write about.

3- Please, avoid repetition and digression.

4- Try to read the style sheet for linguistic essays in Bangor university in the UK in this link:


5- please write the essay in a high quality because we are judged on the essay about

� concept, argument and structure,

� critical discussion of literature,

� methodology

� analysis and discussion

Please try to

� Reference in-text with page number

� Use 10 references, and try to use more e-journals than e-books

� Send me the references or the link of the references because we have been asked to show them to the professor.

� When you write the essay, try to remember the main topic and link between the aspects of the essay that you are planning to write.


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