Warner Lambert Ireland : Niconil Questions

Warner-Lambert Ireland : Niconil Questions

Write a substantive answer to each question, while citing relevant case data to support your answer, as well as any marketing strategy theory you have learned. Do not discuss material that is not relevant to the questions asked. You should write at least 4-5 substantive paragraphs for each question part. You may conduct research beyond the case notes on your assigned company to improve the quality of your answers.

  1. Explain the importance of Niconil to Warner Lambert and Elan (1 paragraph).
  2. Who is the target market for Niconil and what will be the demand for the product?
  3. When should Niconil be launched? Are there any prime-mover advantages? How can Niconil best establish itself against future competition?
  4. How should Niconil be packaged and priced?


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