Urban Economics field essay Topics

Urban Economics field essay Topics

Urban Economics field essay Topics (sample topics will be included in the document) Custom Essay

The field essay is to be a short essay (8 to 15 double-spaced pages) addressing a specific urban issue in a city of your choosing. Within a week I shall hand out a sample list of essays. (I developed most for Boston but they can be adapted to other cities) They include: an analysis and explanation of the locations of a particular type of store in a particular city; an analysis of homelessness in a particular city, based on interviews with some homeless people and shelter personnel; the study of the performance of a particular bus line, with recommendations for improvement, etc. About a month into the course I shall ask each student to hand in a paragraph in class outlining his or her topic. If I judge a topic to be inappropriate, I shall let the student know. I can recall judging a topic to be inappropriate only because it was too broad or had insufficient economic content. The field essay is due by 5 pm the last day of classes and should be submitted as a hard copy. One point out of 20 will be deducted for each day late. Please date a late essay. I shall evaluate the essays on the basis of the quality of the research and the writing style, and also on how interesting I find the topic. I shall send each student a file with comments but shall not return the paper.

The essay should focus on a specific issue, should have economic content, should contain a field component (i.e., not rely exclusively on secondary sources downloaded from the internet), and should not be too broad.

As an example: Housing policy in the US or Section 8 policy (a subsidized housing program for low-income families) in the US would be too broad a topic, but an essay describing some aspect of how Section 8 funds are allocated and administered in Riverside or your home town, with an emphasis on the fairness of the priority system employed, would be appropriate.

I shall return the essay descriptions. On most, I shall just put a check, indicating that the topic is appropriate. I shall send you an e-mail if a topic is inappropriate, explaining why and suggesting how you might modify it to make it appropriate, or if I have any constructive suggestions for you concerning how to proceed with your research.

Finally, remember that my grade will be based partly on how interesting, creative, and original I find the topic.

Also, I shall take off points for essays that are badly written or that contain grammatical and spelling errors (which can be caught by doing a spell and grammar check using your word processing system).

Please document all sources, including the names and titles of people you interview (if your essay draws on interviews) You may use whatever referencing style you wish. Do not rely too heavily on any single source.


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