TMA 03 Law Assignment

TMA 03 Law Assignment.

TMA 03 consists of three questions. You are expected to answer all questions in this TMA. Your answers should be written in your own words. You do not need to use additional resources to complete your answers. All the information you require is provided in the module materials.


The total word limit for TMA 03 is a maximum of 2000 words. Remember, all the words you use to answer the questions, including quotations and citations, count towards the overall word limit.

We would suggest that you use the following number of words for each question:

Question 1       1000 words

Question 2       800 words

Question 3       200 words

Question 1


Ali is a nurse employed by a private hospital in Bristol. The European Union has introduced Regulation 2015/435 (fictitious) which sets out the terms and conditions for nursing staff. The Regulation provides that all overtime worked by nurses must be paid at triple the hourly rate. Ali occasionally works overtime and is paid double the hourly rate. He complains to his employer that he should be paid triple the hourly rate but the hospital say there is nothing it can do.

  1. Explain the difference between a Regulation and a Directive in EU law.
  2. Explain whether Ali can rely on Regulation 2015/435 in proceedings in court.
  3. Imagine that the Regulation is a Directive. Explain whether Ali could rely on the Directive

Question 2

Explain what human rights are and, using examples, identify the difference between absolute, limited and qualified human rights.

Question 3

Reflecting on the process you have undertaken when completing TMA 03, what changes to your approach have you made as a result of your feedback from previous TMAs? Identify and describe one target that you have set yourself for TMA 04. Explain the steps you will take ensure that you meet your target.

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