Title VII – discrimination

Title VII – discrimination
The City of Old Raven administered a test to 150 police officers to determine who qualified for the 25 captain positions. To be considered for promotion a police officer had to score above 60 percent on the examination. Twenty-six white police officers scored above 60 percent, while all 48 black police officers scored below 60 percent. Because no black officers scored above the minimum threshold, the city decided not to certify the scores and did not promote any police officers.

The 26 police officers sued the City of Old Raven for discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

If you were a judge at the trial level, how would you rule based on the above facts?
Why do you think Old Raven chose not to certify the scores?
If it could be shown that the test was biased toward the white test takers, would that change your opinion?
BONUS: The United States Supreme Court recently ruled on a case with nearly identical facts – please find the case online and cite it.

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