The Past Present and Future of Case Management

The Past Present and Future of Case Management (Hospital Base) Custom Essay

1.Past State of Case Management:

Facets of Case Management. A key facet is the background. Research on the factual background of Nursing Case Management. Key elements of the background, including but not limited to the following: What is the history of case management? Where did it originate from? Is it only found in Nursing? Why was it developed? What is the goal? What types of setting is Case Management found? When was it recognized as a nursing specialty? Are there certifications for Case Management? If so, who offers it, what are they for and what are the differences between the certifications? What is the educational requirement to be a Case Manager?

2.Current State of Case Management:

Case Management is ever evolving, not only in job function but terminology. Discuss the current state of Case Management. How has it changed from its inception? Describe how terminology has changed to describe the role? HINT: In the beginning, Case Management was a catch all term that has evolved into very specific job functions and sub specialties (Disease Management, utilization review, Care Coordination, etc)

How these are terms different and describe the differences in 2 of the terms (i.e. Difference between Case Management, Disease Management, and Utilization Review). Keep in mind that during your background research you may have identified that the term Case Management is defined and described 1 way BUT your hospital case managers may be functioning in a totally different type of role. How do the Case Managers practice at your clinical site? Is their scope of responsibilities different from what you learned during your background investigation? If yes, how so. If No, describe what is similar.

A typical job function of Case Managers in the acute care setting is to track Core Measures and other quality improvement measures. Describe 3 of the following measure sets that are tracked in your clinical setting, including:


Core Measures


Value based purchasing


Harm Across the Board


NDNQI reporting measures


Hospital driven Meaningful Use Measures


3.Future State of Case Management:

Use all of the information gathered and provide a recommendation for where case Management will be in 20 years. What will change?How will the role evolve?What sub specialties will evolve and why? (this part is when it can be subjective and speculative)


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