The makers of Whizz have decided to go to several different colleges

The makers of Whizz have decided to go to several different colleges

The makers of Whizz have decided to go to several different colleges and have a contest for the dirtiest shirt. While at the colleges, they will set up several washing machines near the campus bookstore, demonstrating the power of Whizz to get these dirty shirts clean. Each contestant in the dirtiest shirt contest will receive a coupon for a free bottle of Whizz. The winner of the contest will receive a $50 gift card for the college bookstore. This method of promotion is an example of _____, and is used to stimulate _______ demand.

a) viral advertising; primary

b) sales promotion; selective

c) sales promotion; primary

d) product placement; selective

e) product placement; primary

141. T F Today technology is allowing marketers to be more precise in targeting individual customers.

142. T F If integrated marketing communications works as intended, customers should receive

143. T F While the specific communication vehicles employed in promotion have not changed, the fundamental role of promotion is changing.

144. T F Communication is a sharing of meaning.

145. T F When encoding a message, the source should use signs or symbols that are new to the audience.

146. T F Encoding is the process by which a receiver takes the coded message received from the source and converts it into ideas and concepts.

147. T F Signs and symbols that can have more than one meaning should be avoided.

148. T F The receiver’s response to the decoded message is called noise.

149. T F Interference on one’s television set during a commercial is an example of noise.

150. T F When feedback occurs, the source becomes the receiver.

151. T F Rapid feedback enables communicators to quickly improve the effectiveness of their communication.

152. T F When an individual goes out and buys a product after having seen or read an advertisement for it, feedback is occurring.

153. T F A communications channel is the vehicle used to transmit the coded message from the source to the receiver.

154. T F When a firm uses mass communication, feedback is rapid.

155. T F Feedback does not exist for mass communication.

156. T F The capacity of a communication channel is determined by the least efficient component of the communication process.

157. T F Channel capacity is determined by the most efficient component of the communication process.

158. T F A television advertisement that transmits several types of audio messages and visual materials may be ineffective.

159. T F The role of promotion is to communicate.

160. T F Firms that link the purchase of their product to philanthropic efforts practice cause-related marketing.

161. T F Effective promotional programs require management efforts such as planning, organization, implementation, and control.

162. T F Promotion that focuses on creating awareness is only important when introducing a new product to the market.

163. T F A marketer uses pioneer promotion in the introductory stage of the product life cycle, when there are many competitive brands.

164. T F Demand for a product category rather than for a specific brand is called primary demand.

165. T F Pioneer promotion neither emphasizes brand names nor compares brands.

166. T F Selective demand is demand for a certain brand.

167. T F Promotion to encourage trial use attempts to retain loyal customers.

168. T F Promotion can assist salespeople in finding likely sales prospects.

169. T F A business usually cannot operate at peak efficiency when sales fluctuate significantly.

170. T F A reseller advertising a manufacturer’s products is viewed as strong manufacturer support.

171. T F A promotion mix is a blend of four possible ingredients, which are advertising, personal selling, public relations, and sales promotion.

172. T F Advertising is a paid form of nonpersonal communication.

173. T F Advertising is an inflexible promotional method.

174. T F Several forms of promotion can be used to complement personal selling efforts.

175. T F The absolute dollar outlay for advertising is usually low.

176. T F Measuring the effect of advertising on sales is difficult.

177. T F Personal selling makes possible immediate feedback from consumers.

178. T F Proxemic communication is communication through touching.

179. T F Tactile communication is communication through the movement of head, eyes, arms, hands, legs, or torso.

180. T F The phrase, purchase products, includes the acceptance of ideas and issues.

181. T F Public relations is a broad set of communication efforts used to create and maintain favorable relationships between the organizations and its stakeholders.

182. T F Public relations is nonpersonal communication in news story form about an organization, or its products, or both, transmitted through a mass medium at no charge.

183. T F Public relations is a set of tools to be used primarily during crises.

184. T F A news story about a product is an example of sales promotion.

185. T F Coupons are a form of sales promotion.

186. T F Sales promotion activity occurs more during peak selling periods than in off-peak selling periods.

187. T F An organization’s promotion mix is viewed as an unchanging part of the marketing mix.

188. T F If an organization is large and has a large promotional budget, it should utilize all four promotional methods.

189. T F If a company has very limited promotional resources, it is most likely to use mainly personal selling.

190. T F The geographic distribution of a firm’s customers can affect the combination of promotional methods used.

191. T F The price of a product influences the promotion mix to be used by the producer.

192. T F The promotional method most commonly used for highly personal items is personal selling.

193. T F A breakfast cereal maker most likely will not use personal selling to promote its product.

194. T F Marketers usually decrease expenditures in advertising for products in the decline stage.

195. T F Advertising is one element of the promotion mix that is too expensive for small business firms.

196. T F When a push policy is used in promotion of a particular product, the producer promotes the product only to the next channel member.