The Grameen Bank of Bangladesh: Does microfinance help?

The Grameen Bank of Bangladesh: Does microfinance help?

Prepare your assignment in a format that is compatible with Microsoft Office. When naming your assignment file for submission, be sure to include your last name, the course name, and the assignment number, as in the example below:

smith acct250 assign1.docx

When your assignment is complete, return to this page and follow the instructions for submitting it.

To account for administration, processing, and marking times, please allow up to eight business days from submission for the return of your marked assignment.Assignment 1 (Term Paper)Introduction Writing a research paper gives you an opportunity to investigate an area of interest in investment analysis and portfolio management. Submitting this paper for grading and feedback allows you to demonstrate what you have learned by showing the marker how you can apply the ideas you have learned in this course. Step by StepWe recommend you work through the following steps.

  1. Identify a topic.Perhaps the most difficult part of completing a research project is identifying a topic of interest. One straightforward approach is to increase your reading while thinking critically about what you read. In addition to the assigned textbook chapters and supplemental readings, we suggest you read magazines and newspapers such as TheGlobe and Mail.

Visit the Journal of Portfolio Management, which can be searched via Athabasca University Librarys Full Text Electronic Journal List. Access to this Web page may require your AU library user name and password. The initial library page indicates that recent issues are not available; however, once you enter a database, you will see all issues including the most recent.

Reading extensively from all these sources can help you discover a topic of interest for your term paper.Here are a few examples of research project topics. Some of these topics may be of interest to you. Others may serve to help you start thinking of other related topics that will be more appropriate for your skills and interests.


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