The Beast in the Jungle

The Beast in the Jungle

Read Henry James “The Figure in the Carpet” and The Beast in the Jungle. Analyze the main character in “The Beast in the Jungle” and relate the character to the central theme of the work. Also, at some point in your analysis compare the characters in the story to the characters in “Daisy Miller” and “The Real Thing” by Henry James
ALL content must be taken from the text in the Norton Anthology of American Literature Volume C. Information cannot be taken from the internet. Write a 7 page essay. Do not research this essay on the following topics. SOURCE MATERIALS ARE NOT TO BE USED in the writing of the paper on this topic.You may only use the materials, including the introductions, contained in the Norton Anthology of American Literature Volume C. Construct the paper out of your own reading of the texts. Make sure that there is a thesis. In short, you must conclude something significant about the elements you are comparing, contrasting, analyzing.
The essay must contain internal documentation, a combination of signal phrases and parenthetical citations: Faulkner reveals his . . . clearly (308). May states this openly at the end of Section 2 (James 536). There must be a Works Cited Page in addition to the 7 page essay.


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