Teacher collaboration with school librarian and higher reading scores

Teacher collaboration with school librarian and higher reading scores Custom Essay

A research proposal is the first three chapters of a research study, including chapter one: Statement of the Problem (or what is the research question to be investigated. [about a page double spaced]; chapter two: Review of Literature (to include a minimum of 5 research articles reviewed (following guidelines for literature review) [as long as needed]; and chapter three: methodology or the methodology that you propose to be used for the study [About a couple of pages long]. In this case your methodology must be an experimental research method. The assignment is:


Write a research question that will be investigated using an experimental method. Complete the three chapters (small samples in this case). Each chapter may be submitted to the instructor for feedback.


Quantitative research proposal must include:


Statement of the problem: 20 points

Review of Literature: 20 points

Methodology: 10 points


You need to explain the following questions:


What is the population that you will choose your participants from?

What method of sampling will be used?

How will you collect data? Examples: Give a test? Apply a method of instruction? …)


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