Just howdidthat new top happen to be in Gap just when you wanted it? How about fruit from South America in the middle of winter conveniently available in your local store? How these products and thousands more that we take for granted are impacted by supply chain management will be the topic for this week’s discussion.

Begin by reading the material in Chapter 12 and reviewing the module. You will also need to search the Internet and Saint Leo’s online library for additional information since a qualified reference is required for this week’s discussion.

For your opening post start by selecting a company that interests you and researching their logistics and supply chain.You may NOT use Walmart or Target. Any one firm may only be used ONCE.Please begin your post by listing your firm inBOLD CAPITALSso it is easy to see. Duplicating a firm will result in a significant loss of points.

Your post should include, among other issues:

  • A description of the firm’s supply chain
  • What practices and techniques they use
  • How effective you believe them to be and why
  • What unique issues, if any, they face
  • How their SCM compares to that of their competition
  • What you might do differently were you in charge

You must include at least one qualified reference and cite it according to APA standards. You may not use the text, the firm’s Web site, or any materials provided on this site.

Your responses to your classmates should address their observations and extend the concepts they discuss. While you are welcome to post observations about the firm, comments regarding your personal preferences about the firm will not count towards the word count requirement.

This discussion opens itself to a number of topics, including trucking, shipping, warehousing, and IT—don’t be afraid to explore these as they are all legitimate parts of SCM.