Social, cultural, political, legal factors

Social, cultural, political, legal factors
I have these facts pulled about moving business to operate in Mexico. I just need help making these below into sentence without bullet points and reference to APA style.

Subject: Social, cultural, political, legal factors that could lead to opportunities or threats

(1) Social or cultural factors:

  • greater emphasis on maintaining employment rather than increasing wages
  • existence of a large small-business sector
  • availability of skilled labor
  • segmentation of the labor market into a formal and an informal one
  • wide variability in access to financing (e.g. loans)

(2) Political factors:

  • barrier to competition/private oligopolies
  • labor market regulations inhibiting reallocation of labor
  • limited access to financial support of the government leading to the usage of nonconventional financing source
  • reliance of the national financial system on the export of oil
  • state intervention when necessary

(3) Legal factors:

  • procedures to settle disputes between the employer and employees are protracted and uncertain
  • nonuniform level of enforcement of creditor rights across states
  • insufficient transparency of banking system
  • industrial standards and
  • import licensing to bar foreign firms’ competition

References for all three categories:

  • IMF Country Report No. 06/351, October 2006
  • Mexico country overview, The World Bank Group, 2006
  • Mexico Case Study – Analysis of National Strategies for Sustainable Development, June 2004