SNAPCHAT Marketing Research Paper Custom Essay

SNAPCHAT Marketing Research Paper Custom Essay

Your objective for this research assignment is to choose a digital product/service and evaluate the MARKETING STRATEGY. The product or service may be a search engine, such as Baidu or Google; a content website such as Buzzfeed or; a mobile application such as Instagram, Snapchat or Vine or a social media site, such as Linkedin, Tumblr, Four Square or WordPress. (Please do not choose Pinterest or Spotify).

SNAPCHAT in this case.

You will research the industry and the competitors for the brand, examine the target market and discuss each of the 4 p’s of the marketing mix. You must cite at least half of your articles from the past year.

  1. Industry Analysis. In which industry does this brand compete and who are the competitors? Provide sales/revenue information if available. What major issues face the industry leaders as they compete today?
  1. Target Market. Note the geographic boundary of your target market. It may be the US, another country, global or a city. Who is the target market for this product? Describe the demographic characteristics of the target using numbers to back up your information. Also indicate the psychographic and behavioral aspects of the target market. Be clear about your sources. Do not guess as to who you might think is the target, use data. Often with websites or other digital content there are at least two targets: the audience and the advertisers. Make sure you consider both in your discussion of the target market.
  1. The 4 P’s. Begin with a clear description of the product/service. What benefits does the service provide to customers and why would they want to use it? What is the brand’s pricing strategy? How does the price compare to competitors? Many sites are free to the user. If so, indicate how the brand makes money. How is the digital product distributed or how does the customer access it? What is the promotional strategy for the brand? Do they use digital advertising, social media, traditional advertising or public relations? Which forms of media and which platforms does the brand use? Show examples of ads, platforms and other executions.
  1. Evaluate the brand’s strategy. Are they doing a good job of targeting and serving customers? What measures can you use to quantify the success of the brand? In this section you should evaluate the brand relative to competitors or based on an objective view of their marketing strategy.
  1. Your paper should have an introduction and conclusion and headings separating each section of your analysis. Please include tables within the body of the paper, but write at least 10 pages of text for your paper. For example, if you have a half page table on page 2, write a 10.5 page paper in total. Papers should be double spaced 12 point font and 1 inch margins.
  1. This assignment requires that you use both library sources and web-based sources. You must cite at least 12 sources. At least three must be web sites and at least five must be hard citations like newspaper articles, magazine articles or journal articles that you got from the library, or a library database such as ABI Inform.
  1. You must have a comprehensive bibliography for this paper as well as citations in the body of the paper indicating where you found each piece of information.


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