Response to Literature RTL Directions

Response to Literature RTL Directions

Each RTL assignment has two (2) artifacts: 1. Personal Response and 2. Lesson Plan using a Graphic Organizer.


Directions for Personal Response Artifacts #1 (30 points):

Personal Response is a description of YOUR reaction to the book. In some ways this is the easiest artifact, because there is no wrong answer. That is, you can’t look up the correct answer in a book or online – it can be the spark of recognition of a person, place, or thing that you bring to the reading experience. This can be comparison of similarities or differences, of prior experiences, events, or people in your life. It could be a connection you see to a movie you have seen, music you enjoy, another book you have read, or other media experiences. Personal response submissions should be between one (1) and three (3) pages in length.  One page is approximately 250 words.

There are required elements that should be included in each of your personal response submissions:

  1. You must cite at least one direct quote from the book that affirms your personal connection to an event in the story or a character in the story
  2. You must make specific reference to at least one literary element in the book that you relate to in some way. This could be an event (plot), a character (point of view, characterization), theme (coming of age, good versus evil), or other literary devices such as symbolism, setting, imagery, etc.


Directions for Lesson Plan using Graphic Organizer Artifacts #2 (70 points):

The classroom connection is an idea for sharing the book that involves children in active forms of learning (i.e. writing, art and media, music and movement, drama, connecting books to life; that is, connecting books to the curriculum).  The following are specific instructions for developing the lesson plans:

  1. Assume that the teacher/librarian (you) and the students have already read the book prior to the lesson plan you create.
  2. 2. You will create eight (8) RTL lesson plans using the template provided. Each RTL lesson will be based on one of the assigned trade books.
  3. Choose one grade level between grades 1st to 6th and ALL lesson plans should be planned for that grade level
  4. This artifact should be in the format of a lesson plan using the template provided. Lesson Plan Template for LIBR RTL.doc
  5. Use at least three (3) different subject/curriculum areas for your RTL assignments. That is, five (5) of your lessons may be for the same subject/curriculum area such as Language Arts or Social Studies, but at least two lesson plans must be in other subject areas.
  6. Use a different type of graphic organizer for each lesson plan. Do not repeat a type of graphic organizer once you have used it in a lesson plan.
  7. A search on the Internet for lesson plans using books in the classroom may provide you with ample ideas for curriculum connections.
  8. See the rubric for additional information about how the artifact will be assessed and graded.


RTL Lesson Plan Template (use this template to create your RTL lesson plans)

Lesson Plan Template for LIBR RTL.doc


Below are a few web sites with lesson plans you may use to create your own RTL lesson plans. There are many more that are available online for your use.

Lesson Planet[]=1&gclid=CMDhpuW3nrgCFShp7AodIGsAaA


Louisiana Web Links for Lesson Plan


Share My Lesson


Include appropriate curriculum standards/benchmarks in your lesson plans.  Your entire lesson should reflect the standard/benchmark you choose for the lesson.


Web Sites for Standards: You may use these web sites to locate standards to use for your RTL Lessons:


Louisiana Math Core Content Standards:

Louisiana English Language Arts Core Content Standards:

Louisiana Academic Standards for Science, Social Studies, Arts, Foreign Languages: