resources and constraints in Curriculum Development for ESOL

Define the context and identify resources and constraints in Curriculum Development for ESOL Custom Essay

resources and constraints in Curriculum Development for ESOL

This is a Curriculum Development course for a Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Masters. The Curriculum MUST be tailored and designed for SECOND LANGUAGE LEARNERS. First, for the course you have chosen (DESCRIBED BELOW), describe the context according to the framework in Figure 2.1 on page 16 in the textbook “Graves, Kathleen (2000) Designing language courses: A guide for teachers”. Remember that there may be elements in the framework that are not relevant to your context. Conversely, there may be elements missing from the framework that are relevant to your context. Second, after describing the context, do investigation 2.3 on page 23. Add this information to your description of context.

One part of this investigation asks you to problematize your context, i.e. to consider challenges that you will need to address in order to design a successful course. Problematizing helps you to be both realistic and creative in your course design. For example, if you know your class will have learners with a range of abilities�a multi-level class�then you need to consider how you will address that challenge as an integral part of your design. To summarize, the CD component should include: � A descriptive title for your course (e.g., Academic skills course for first year university students) � Information relating to all the relevant categories in the framework in Figure 2.1 on page 16. � This information can be presented in bullet form, in paragraphs, or in a chart.

� Information about the curriculum challenges that you will need to account for in your design. It is important that there is enough information to make good curricular decisions Your CDC should give the reader a clear understanding of the context. It should be laid out clearly *COURSE CHOSEN* Accelerated Academic English in Canada. The students are from China, Afghanistan, Japan, Iran, Iraq, Korea, Peru, Philippines and Russia. They Range from the age of 23-34. They Must pass this course in order to enroll in a university program tailored for English speaking natives.


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