research design Critique

research design Critique

Locate a peer-reviewed research study using a research design; Qualitative/case study in education

Critique the study you found by addressing the following:


The problem being explored

Why is it a problem?

What makes it appropriate for research?

A brief history of the problem

How is the problem framed?

What context is provided?

The objectives of the research

What are the objectives?

How well are the objectives met?

The study design and why it is appropriate

How is the design appropriate? In what ways is it not appropriate?

The sample for the study

What are ramifications for transferability based on the sample given in the study?

The procedures followed in conducting the chosen research. Give a step-by-step explanation of what was done, how subjects were solicited, where the data collection occurred, whether informed consents were used and how they were obtained, and so on.

How easily could the research be repeated?

How clear are the steps followed?

What implications are inherent in the process for reliability and validity?

What data were collected and how

What were data sources?

Why were these sources appropriate?

What other data sources might have been considered?

Any ethical considerations

What ethical considerations did the author address?

What ethical considerations did the author not address?

Any limitations to this study

What were the limitations discussed by the author?

Were the limitations appropriate? Are there any limitations missing?

Format your critique consistent with APA guidelines.

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