Report and analyses Custom Essay

Report and analyses Custom Essay

Please follow the instruction carefully provided on the uploaded file. as you can see my deadline is very soon so please do it accordingly to the assignment brief. choose LUCOZADE as the brand and product and brazil as the country to enter. this is set by my tutor so please make sure you choose those provided. apply necessary models and theories to support you findings with at least 2/3 appendixes. use swot, pestle, porters model as the appendixes please it is required from the assignment brief. i will also uploads my friends work as a sample to guidelines to follow but please don’t copy and make it much better than his as i have chose you as a top 10 writer. also please use more electronic references rather than book as its hard to find the book references (harvards style referencing). i had few problems regarding the assignment brief with previous writer please follow the instructions carefully to avoid the conflict. can you please also send a update half way through the work so i know you are in the right direction. sorry for asking too much but i want to avoid the experience i had with previous writer he did completely different question and essay to the one provided to him.


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