Religion and Business

Religion and Business
Wanda’s Dilemma

The Hypothetical:

Wanda is a new Christian who has been planning to open a business with a life-long friend who is not a believer. Wanda has heard that somewhere in Corinthians it says that Christians should not enter a business partnership with an unbeliever. Not wanting to violate the teachings of the Bible, she has decided to form a corporation with her lost friend instead of a partnership.

However, Wanda still feels a little nervous about the situation. She comes to you for Christian advice. Does this verse prohibit her from forming a corporation with her lost friend? What about an LLC?

In considering this, Wanda remembers that she also has some stock in General Motors Corporation. She is pretty sure that GM has some unbelievers who are shareholders in GM. She is wondering whether this passage should lead her to sell her stock in GM as well.

Please be sure to fully explain your answers and conclusions, citing all relevant sources including your text book, scholarly works, and Scripture. Be sure to follow all the prior instructions given for discussion boards in making your answers. Further, you should either use the words ‘Prohibits’ or ‘Does Not Prohibit’ in the subject line of your discussion board post, depending upon your conclusion. Then, in your replies, you should select at least one person to reply to who has reached the opposite conclusion if possible.