Queer Studies

Final Paper Queer Studies

This final paper is related to the other response papers you did for me, they are order number 39999, 38208, 35280, 35278 34242(other writer ; please get the information from help service. Then read through the questions in “Final Paper for Queer Studies”, don’t make mistake so i don’t have to come back to you again. I need 6 pages of final paper and 1 page of paper proposal. I believe outside source is needed so again, read the questions carefully. I will make an order for proposal paper as well since they have different deadline. The files that i have attached is the readings throughout the semester, you WILL need it for the final paper.

Do remember each article has different theme, check them out and don’t pick the same theme, for example there is article about race, there is article about queerness, there is article about immigration etc. Let me know if you need anything else or think something is missing. I will do my best to cooperate with you.


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