Purchase of Molton Brown by L’oreal

Purchase of Molton Brown by L’oreal


You are advising the management of L’Oréal SA, the global cosmetic group, who are considering purchasing Molton Brown Limited, the British up-market cosmetic company owned by KAO of Japan.


You are to produce a 3,000-word report (maximum word count, excluding final reference list and relevant appendices) and prepare a short presentation (10 minutes in Pecha Kucha format – see supplied template) of your analysis and recommendations, suitable for presentation to the management. The report and presentation should address the five areas set out below:

1. Introduction and financial analysis of both companies.
2. Cost of Capital
3. Calculate a price per share payable by L’Oréal for the purchase of Molton Brown Limited.
4. Calculate the likely impact on the financial statements of L’Oréal following the purchase of Molton Brown.
5. Share Valuation of L’Oréal
Your report should contain the following:
• The Appendix should contain all calculations. The way that figures are displayed in the Appendix must be such that there is an adequate “audit trail” back to the financial statements.
• A references list is required. It should contain specific newspaper and journal articles and internet sources. We do not expect to see more than one text book in addition to your module manual.
• A conclusion and an executive summary.

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