Psychological Impact of Infertility In Women

Psychological Impact of Infertility In Women custom essay

Paper details

  1. It must be well written. Do not use all simple sentences or only three-sentence long paragraphs.
  2. Margins cannot exceed 1.00 inch, left or right, and no more than 1.25 inches, top or bottom. Double space your lines and use 12 point font.
  3. You need a cover sheet with your name and the title of the paper on it and what citation style you are using APA or MLA. Do not have the title repeated on top of the first page of your paper, only on the title page.
  4. You must use at least three (3) SCHOLARLY sources for your essay from a library database or book/e-Book, or a .gov web site. You must use proper in-text and end-of-the-paper citations for the three sources. Your References or Works Cited list is not part of the 2-3 pages of you essay, it is in addition to it.

Make sure the sources are scholarly (Peer Reviewed journal articles from a database or from a Book/e-Book or from a .gov site).

  1. I do want you to include the location where you found your sources in the citations. So include what database you found the article in or the root URL of the .gov site.
  2. Have no more than 25% of your paper as quotes.


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