Power and politics in your own practice of adult education

Power and politics in your own practice of adult education Custom Essay

How the power and politics relate to your own practice of adult education. Where are you uncertain about how power and politics plays out? Where can you see it clearly? What do you think can be done in your own practice to bring about a more equitable system of adult education? What would you like to try, that you think might be impossible to achieve? What small step could you take to achieving the impossible?

I do not have any experience with these topics so write your won experience.

Second: respond to this discussion. If you agree or not and why?

I have some experience in the power and politics aspect of adult education. The politics of organizations that distract from their stated objectives is particularly troublesome to me. Monaghan (2010) asserts that women and ethnic minorities are underrepresented in leadership positions in higher education. I would agree that this is true and that it is an important goal for adult education fields to have people from a wide range of backgrounds in leadership positions. However, I think it is important not to make assumptions about why one person is hired and another is not. Just because a white male is hired and a minority is not does not necessarily mean an injustice occurred. The discrepancy in the number of certain groups in leadership positions can be attributed to countless factors that have nothing to do with an unjust power structure looking to perpetuate its dominance. This is not to say that unjust decisions are not made and certain institutional obstacles don’t exist. However, I don’t believe it is helpful to generalize one group as “oppressive” and another as “victimized”. Injustice in a political structure can be perpetrated against any group or individual. Creating a more just and equitable educational environment requires open communication and a collaborative effort by all involved. When we make generalizations about the “privelege” or “dominance” of certain groups over other groups it creates a defensiveness and hostility that makes this effort impossible. We all need to examine our own biases and prejudices that prevent us from treating each other fairly and justly.


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