Possible Health Issues Based on the Fundamental Health Patterns

Possible Health Issues Based on the Fundamental Health Patterns 1 Implication of Possible Health Issues for a Family Based on Question of Fundamental Health Pattern of the Parent November 1, 2015 NRS-429V Family-Centered Health Promotion Possible Health Issues Based on the Fundamental Health Patterns 2 “Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work” (Trainer, 2012). This quote describes how millions of parents feel about their children across the globe. The work that parents do with their children don’t just fit into certain categories like food and shelter, but also psychological-social tendency’s with up to 50% of varying behavioral traits being genetic links (Azar, 2000). However, many parents don’t realize just how perceptive their children starting from infancy, on picking up the adult’s behavior until years down the line. Based on the assumption that children learn many behavioral ques that follow them into adulthood from their parents, a family matriarch was asked to fill out a questioner to help determine the overall health of family and to look for possible areas that can be improved to continue beneficial practices for good health. The questionnaire has three questions per each of the eleven categories which are values- health perception, nutrition, sleep/rest, elimination, exercise, cognitive, sensory perception, self-perception, role relationships, sexuality, and coping; which are based on functional health patterns. After going through the matriarchs responses, there are a few areas that would benefit from future changes in participants behavior. The first area of the questionnaire was under values- health perception. The Matriarch shows health seeking behavior and mindset (Weber, 2005). The matriarch believe that the key to happiness in found in the maintaining a healthy/fit body and clean environment. Secondly, under nutrition, the matriarch indicated that the family eats lean meats and vegetables on regular bases. When asked how the matriarch encourages the family to eat vegetables, the answer was they loved them so it was not a problem. The fact that the healthy eating behavior of vegetables for the children, is due to the fact that research is now finding that foods that are eaten during pregnancy are can be found aromatically in amniotic fluid and may lead to child’s preference along with what the adult provides for nourishment can help lead to the Possible Health Issues Based on the Fundamental Health Patterns 3 eating patterns later in life (Savage, Fisher, and Birch, 2007.) However, the responses do have a distanced lack of fruits mentioned in the responses. In the future, the matriarch shows readiness for the enhancement of nutritional metabolic intake patterns (Weber, 2005). This is show by the matriarch willingness to incorporate seasonal fruits into her everyday diet. The next area and possible concern in the matriarch’s functional health patterns is in the sleep/rest category. The matriarch states that she sleeps three to four hours a night and takes naps when needed. Even though the matriarch stated that the children were bedtime was around eight o’clock, as adults, they could follow in their parents sleeping patterns as a guide on how adults function. However, lack of sleep has main negative effects on a person that range from forgetfulness to cause of accidents to even increase in heart problems (WebMD, 2015). After the possible hazards of lack of sleep can do to a person, the matriarch showed readiness to increase sleeping length (Weber, 2005). The matriarch indicated that this could be accomplished by going to bed earlier. After that, the matriarch indicated her elimination of bowel movement patterns. The matriarch shows readiness to enhance her bowl elimination pattern (Weber, 2005). The matriarch indicated that she goes twice a day and is willing to increase her fiber intake to insure that she is keeping her colon healthy. Succeeding that is exercise and fifth on the list. The matriarch indicated that she does some form of physical activity three days a week. The matriarch shows a readiness to improve activity and exercise regimen (Weber, 2005). The matriarch show with by going to a gym where there is a variety of equipment to pick from. Possible Health Issues Based on the Fundamental Health Patterns 4 After that, the cognitive area was assessed. The matriarch did not show signs of confusion, delayed thought patterns, or social isolation (Weber, 2005). The matriarch shows readiness to enhance cognition (Weber, 2005). And then, the sensory perception indicated a possible problem with the visual field. The use of glasses for reading due to the aging process was indicated by the matriarch. The matriarch shows readiness for an enhanced comfort level (Weber, 2005). Next, the self-perception as indicated by the matriarch is internalized as how she views herself and what she wants to change about her appearance and situation. The matriarch does not focus on the external perception that she displays for others. The matriarch shows readiness to enhance self-concept. This is shown by the matriarchs desire to eat healthy and engage in physical activity to help improve body image issues. Afterward the focus on role relationships, the matriarch indicates that depending on the situation, depends on how the decision is made and that most decisions are made by family communication. The matriarch shows a readiness for improved social interaction (Weber, 2005). Second to last, is the sexuality of the matriarch. The matriarch indicated a lack of partners and also a lack of testing for STD’s even though none were found in the past. Due to the fact that many STD can lay dormant like HPV or HIV, it is important to continue to get regular screening by a doctor to make sure that she does not have on STDs (Mayo Clinic, 2005). The matriarch show readiness to improve sexuality patterns (Weber, 2005). Lastly, is the matriarchs coping abilities and mechanisms. The matriarch indicated that when under stress and looking for a solution, she mainly looks at what needs to be done and does it, and also talks it over. However, if the problem is home related, the matriarch states that she Possible Health Issues Based on the Fundamental Health Patterns 5 mainly internalizes the problem. This change in dealing with situations goes along with the second answer, where the matriarch states that she does what is needed too. One of the best strategies for effectively dealing with stress in a healthy way is to having someone to communicate to about the issue, even if it is not the person that the issue is about……………………………….

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