Persuasive Pitch/Persuasive Speech

Persuasive Pitch/Persuasive Speech
Pedagogy: Persuasive Skills and Theory
Step by Step Instructions:
Students are to select a purpose and reason for giving their presentation as it suits their needs as a student, business person, or citizen. So, if you are an academic and want to do a traditional “speech” this is good! If you are into business and want to hone your skills in sales or marketing–this is good. If you want to work on an issue that you are passionate about, go for it!
Follow the instructions in theory and design from class workshops and literature. You must select a “speech pattern” and create an academic outline as the basis for your presentation. This presentation is not simply redoing your informative style presentation. You must use strategy.
Use five OR MORE sources to add strength to your argument.
After your academic outline is created, work to create any necessary visuals and/or a speaking outline or notes.
Put together a 5-6 minute presentation.

(UN-edited example from Summer 2008)

General Purpose: To Persuade
Specific Purpose: To Persuade audience to sign up for Netflix
Central Idea/Thesis: Netflix is cheap and easy
Speech Pattern: Motivated Sequence

I. Attention:
A. How many people like Movies?
1. Tell me your favorite scary movie
2. Tell me your favorite comedy
a. yes, Showgirls can count for both.
3. Why do we watch movies?
4. According to a study done in the May 2004 edition of Maxim, Movies are Americans favorite pass-time.
B.So, today I’m going to have you indulge that pass-time by having you sign up for Netflix. You MUST have Netflix if you are a movie buff.
C. We’re going to look at the NEED for Netflix, the benefits you’ll receive from it, and finally what YOU can do to get it.
D. As a proud subscriber of Netflix; this is something that you cannot pass up.

Transition: So, lets dump the block buster cards and see WHY you need Netflix.

A. According to The New York Times online, Americans spend 300 Billion dollars on movies (watching, renting, going, buying). That is enough money to put each American through Community College TWICE.
1. However, using an online service cuts this number in half; according to BlockBuster online.
2. You Need that money TO GO to College
3. You Need that money for BEER.
4. You Need that money for your girlfriend.
5. OK, you need that money to help in your SEARCH for a girlfriend.
Aside from College Costs; you need an online service for convenience.
B. According to USNWR, the average American is stressed! This tells me that you need convenience.
1. Saves time
2. Saves Gas
3. Saves face (for those not so family oriented movies…right Dave).

Transition: So, we’ve seen WHY you need Netflix; lets see what it will do you for you in the long run.

III. Satisfaction
There are a lot of things that Netflix can do for you.
A. Saving money will benefit you in the long run.
1. Let’s say you spend 4.97 on 5 movies a weekend; and Netflix is 19.99 a month. You cut your viewing cost by ¾.
2. With this money you can go to Berns Steakhouse 2ce a semester; thus keeping your girlfriend (or boyfriend) happy.
3. A study done in Cosmo magazine states that happy significant other equals more nookie.

B. In the vein of convenience; saving those runs to Blockbuster will allow for a few more things.
1. continue drink at home
2. You can eat at home and spend more time with friends
3. You don’t have to fight people for the ONE copy of ______ at Blockbuster.

Transition: Now that we’ve seen why you NEED Netflix and lets IMAGINE A world with/with out Netflix.

IV. Visualization:
A. Tell story about Netflix
(you will write more here on your own outline).

Transition: OK, so we cannot imagine a world without Netflix; lets see how YOU can get it.

V. Action:
A. First, before signing up (because you can’t just believe me); look online and compare it to Blockbuster and other online movie houses.
B. Look at your finances. Do you spend enough on movies to make it worth your while?
C. Do you have easy access to the post office
D. Go to and sign up
E. Look at the back of your handout and compare the different plans offered by the Netflix service.

F. So, today we’ve looked at WHY you need Netflix.
1. I asked you your favorite Movies
2. We talked about the different things that will be gained by Netflix
a. Money
b. Time
c. (and in some cases Nookie).

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