perspectives on bilingual education

perspectives on bilingual education

Learn about perspectives on bilingual education
Part A
Talk to three people about their thoughts on bilingual education. Describe some of the issues we have talked about in class and then ask their perspective on those issues. You decide what issues to discuss with people. Consider asking them what they know about bilingual education. Also consider asking them
what has influenced their perspective on bilingual education (e.g., family, peers, personal experiences, media, etc.)

[Please one of three people be Korean]

Part B

1) describe who you talked to (no names) and a little about their background(if you know anything), then summarize your conversation with each person,

2) compare your interviews to those of other students in your discussion group. Specifically, were your interview responses similar or different than your peers? How were they similar or different? Give specific examples from two of your
peers interviews, and

3) use two or three readings from week 6 to analyze your interview. In other words,what connections can you make between the readings and your interview? Does your interview confirm or seem similar to any of the issues discussed in the readings? Does your interview contradict, challenge
or expand any of the issues discussed in the readings?

For Part B, 2) please use the names of peers, Haechan and Insu. please just make a simple story for comparing.

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