Outline for Research Paper

Outline for Research Paper (See Research Paper Rubric for Grade Value)

Due Date:During the classroom session the week of November 23-27

Submission:  Complete your outline and bring it to class on the date listed above for peer editing. The edited outline will be submitted as part of the submission package for the complete Research Paper Project.

This assignment will evaluate the following course outcomes:

  • Express a point of view in response to a written prompt.
  • Apply the three-step process (plan, write, revise) to create a variety of academic and workplace documents.
  • Apply knowledge of standard Canadian English grammar, spelling and punctuation to academic and professional writing.
  • Integrate sources using appropriate documentation format.

Rationale (Why): The most convincing messages are ones that are planned andorganized so that information flows logically from one point to the next.  Convincing messages are also complete – important points aren’t missed or understated.  Organizing your thoughts in advance helps you to see a map of how your ideas will flow together and ensures that nothing is missed. Having chosen your topic for the proposal assignment and having researched it for the annotated bibliography, you are now ready to organize your thoughts before beginning your first draft.

The Writing Task (What):

(1) Read through the attached Outline Template, ensuring that you understand how it applies to your research essay.

(2) Think about how your ideas would fit most effectively into the template, remembering that you can have more than three supporting points if your topic requires.

(3) Fill out the outline with your research and ideas, including which sources you will use as support.

(4) Bring the completed outline to class on the assigned day.

Length: As long as is required to fill in the template using complete sentences to clearly express your ideas.  Only sentences are required at this point.  Save your paragraphs for the first draft.

Format: Please use 12-point Arial font.


Outline for [title of your research essay]


  1. A) INTRODUCTION: Write the opening statement for your paper


  1. Thesis statement
  2. List of points to be covered



Note: each subsection can have several paragraphs to discuss the point. Don’t feel that you can only have one paragraph per section. The key is to thoroughly discuss each point so that it is clear to your reader.


Opening statement for this section


  1. Topic sentence
  2. Point or topic
  3. Proof or example
  4. Secondary research source to support the point


  1. Topic sentence
  2. Point or topic
  3. Proof or example
  4. Secondary research source to support the point


iii.            Topic sentence

  1. Point or topic
  2. Source or proof
  3. Secondary research source to support the point




  1. Restatethe thesis
  2. Summarize and highlight the supporting evidence

iii.            End with a strong, closing sentence that reinforces your point


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