NRS-430V Smarter and Stronger essay

NRS-430V Smarter and Stronger essay

Nursing in one of the most versatile and complex occupations in the medical workforce. With a vastly growing society we are at a point where there are concerns if we are going to be able to meet the medical needs in the near future. Along with our patients getting older and reaching a senior age, let’s face it so are lots of our experienced nurses.

And yes they have to retire also, unfortunately. With the increase of patients and more complex issues, nurses are required to think smarter and be stronger in our profession.

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the views that the Institute of Medicine (IOM) has on continuing education, transforming new leadership and the key to providing better patient care.

Having a better education is something that the majority will not argue with this day and age. Everyone is stepping up and continuing their education.

Having an Associate degree is now considered basic, even with our young generation graduating now; they are completing Bachelor’s degrees and then heading straight into their Masters programs.

But the point isn’t who has the higher degree; it is the purpose of obtaining a continuing education that furthers the academic knowledge which in turn opens the avenues of providing the best holistic medical care to all patients.

In the 2008 report, IOM has a goal of “ Nurses should achi…………………….