NRS-430V The Institution of Medicine and the Future of the Nursing Profession

NRS-430V The Institution of Medicine and the Future of the Nursing Profession

The nursing profession has continually progressed, expanded, and evolved since its conception many decades ago. Many different organizations have promoted and protected the nursing profession.

As nursing continues to become more involved and integrated into the many different aspects of health care, it is important to forecast where the profession needs to be headed in the future.

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) is one such organization that is forecasting the future of the profession. The IOM is a part of the US National Academy of Sciences but works outside of the government framework seeking to provide evidence based research (MedicineNet, Inc., 2016) .

The mission statement of the IOM is is to “serve as adviser to the nation to improve health” (Grand Canyon University [GCU], 2011, p. 1) . The opinions of the IOM are highly regarded nationally and serve a central role in crafting legislation across the country (GCU, 2011, p. 1) .

The Impact of the IOM Report on Nursing Education In 2010, the IOM released an extensive report on the future of nursing. This report was conducted in conjunction with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a non-profit organization, and took 2 years to complete (Institute of Medicine [IOM], 2010).

The goal was to create action oriented recommendations to propel the nursing profession into the next decade (IOM, 2010) . In 2010, the Affordable Care Act became the largest health care overhaul since the creation of Medicare and Medicaid in 1965 (Institute of Medicine [IOM], 2010, p. 1) .

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