NRS-429V Self-Analysis of Learning Style

NRS-429V Self-Analysis of Learning Style

In today’s world, there are multifaceted ways of learning new material. From classes at the cloacal college, workshops, youtube, and even television programs, the ways to develop a new skill or just learn new information is endless.

But is there really a way to make learning more customizable so the information is picked up faster with a better retention rate? With programs like VARK, anyone can take a test to see what areas they prefer to have information relayed. Once taken a score is given like visual at eight, aural at twelve, reading/writing at seven, and kinesthetic at eight (VARK, 2015).

Based on these scores, the website gave a list of study strategies that it feels would benefit the tester the most to apply to my learning preferences like multimodal strategies, visual strategies, and aural strategies (VARK, 2015).

After completing the test, the study strategies for auditory learns preference seemed accurate with the paring of multimodal, which uses different strategies from the four learning styles that the test was testing fo………………………

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