NRS 429V Heritage Assessment in My Community

NRS 429V Heritage Assessment in My Community

The United States consists of many diverse cultures with different values and beliefs that display their relationships, personal needs, cultural and social impacts. To ensure competent and safe patient care, it is essential for the nurse to be educated on these values and beliefs of the patients (Edelman & Greiner, 2010).

How individuals sustain their health and care for themselves and others is dictated by their health cultural values. For this reason nurses are trained to respect each patients beliefs and choices which plays an important role in their care and results (Anderson, 2012).

It is also important for the nurse to have knowledge of his or her own cultural prejudices. Cultural competency is developed using the Heritage Assessment Tool which helps assists in learning what the patient values most (Sankaran, 2007).

As the patient is interviewed, they have a chance to convey their values and beliefs. The advantages of applying the heritage assessment with individuals of different cultures, Hispanic, Chinese and African American to determine their health cultures and assess their needs, will be discussed in this paper.

Hispanic The Hispanic lady and her family migrated to the United Stated from El Salvador seventeen years ago at the age of twenty-two.

She conversed about her large family of two sisters and four brothers. They were all born in rural El Salvador where her parents met and later married.

In their late twenties, her parents came here to live with her grandmother after her husband had passed. She’s married and shares a four bedroom home with her husba……………………….