Nine ways to reduce cognitive load in multimedia learning

Nine ways to reduce cognitive load in multimedia learning

Course Design: Nine ways to reduce cognitive load in multimedia learning Custom Essay

I have made syllabus for course design and I will upload it for you to read it. I want you to make for me this course design to put it in my website for my students. this work design will be for just 5 weeks. so you have to create discussion assignment (let the student read some chapter from the book I sign it in the syllabus like

“Mayer, R. E., & Moreno, R. (2003). Nine ways to reduce cognitive load in multimedia learning. Education Psychologist, 38(1), 43-52.”and then they have to answer this question depend in their reading), project assignment( set required project for student to make it) , and exam(set some questions like miltbul choice to let the student make the exam, it will be from the book I sign for the student in the syllabus you can choice one and some chapters). The course design will be for 5 weeks. my work is to pretend I’m a instructor and I have to create course design. Out line: Discussion: and assignment: Week#1=discussion Week#2=project(assignment)

Week#3=discussion Week#4=project(assignment) Week#5=discussion For each week will be one question and the student will answer it and the student supposed to make respond for at least 3 students post. Assignment: Quizzes: Week#5 exam You have to read the syllabus what I made and the assignment in the syllabus and create for me the discussion, the project, the exam in form of questions and assignment. look again to the syllabus and add what we have to add it in the course design. Because I have to cover the syllabus!

NOTE: so it is not research paper it is create course ok, I will upload it in my website to let the students to do them then I can assess them.


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