Millennium Development Goals

Millennium Development Goals

In Week 11 you learned from political theorist, Langdon Winner (Article 46), that technological artifacts are political. Examples are aircraft, bus overpasses and tomato harvesters. You have also learned that political systems influence technological development with globalization impacting global economic and political integration. The Millennium Development Goals (MGD) established by the United Nations are an attempt to establish global solidarity around pertinent issues that would benefit the human race (Article 50).

Based on what you have learned from the material in week 11, and from 2 peer-reviewed scholarly articles you find, describe in a .doc (Word) document of about 800-1200 words (3-5 pages, excluding title and reference page), using APA format and citations, how you believe at least one of the MDG’s can be met through technological development, innovation, or implementation. In other words, find an example of a technological artifact (i.e. aircraft) that may achieve that goal. You should discuss the politics or political system influence of the technology and the impact on meeting the MDG. The peer reviewed articles you find should provide an example that substantiates your opinion. Thus, your paper should address the following questions:

  1. What is the MDG that can be met through technological development, innovation, or implementation? 2. What is the technological artifact and how does it meet the MDG you identified? 3. How is the development or implementation of the technological artifact influenced by politics or a political system? 4. How does meeting the MDG through the example of technology you provide integrate our global world?

*Cite (with paraphrase not direct quotes) at least one of the attached articles as well as at least 2 Scholarly peer reviewed articles that back up your position. Please ensure that the articles are scholarly and peer reviewed. Do not use just any random websites or articles. And again, no direct quotes in this paper, only properly cited paraphrases.