product or service of your choice

Marketing Plan
The major assessment for the course is a marketing plan for a product or service of your choice. This
allows you to select something which interests you and then apply the concepts discussed in class and in
your textbook. A concise, well-written marketing plan allows the firm to invest in the right projects and
helps ensure the product, and the way it is taken to market, is consistent with the firm’s strategy and
objectives, demonstrating the Saint Leo University core value of integrity.

Other than the weekly discussions and the two exams, this marketing plan will determine your grade. If
you wish to do well in the course, it is imperative that you submit each component in a complete fashion
and on time. Read and follow the instructions and refer to the Project Guide for examples.

Selecting your Product or Service:
1. Avoid products that require complex engineering or manufacturing. This adds unnecessary
difficulty to the project.
2. The product or service you select must be realistic and technologically feasible using current
standards and have true market potential.
3. Services often work better than physical products. However, your service may not be home
based and must be appropriate for our class.
4. Your product may NOT be non-profit although the company may be a non-profit organization.
For example, you might market a series of training manuals from the American Marketing
Association, which is a non-profit professional association; however, the manuals are priced
at $2500 per set. Conversely, you might select your favorite charity and develop a marketing
plan for raising funds and recruiting volunteers. However, you may NOT develop a plan for
the services that the charity provides free of charge.

The Process:
1. There will be a component of the plan due on four of the Sundays of the eight-week course,
as detailed in the Course Schedule below.
2. You will be provided with instructions for each component. Be sure to read them carefully as
the requirements will vary from component to component.
3. Each component will be individually graded, which means if you make a mistake on one part
you will have ample opportunity to improve your grade on other components.
4. All four components will use the same product or service you selected during the first week of

General Requirements:
1. All submissions, except the promotion plan for which you will use a format I will provide, will
be double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font with 1” margins. Please make sure your
NAME is at the top of each submission.
2. All assignments must be in the appropriate Dropbox by Sunday evening at midnight.
3. All assignments must be in Word format .
4. All document names must be exactly as follows:
first name_last name_assignment (Example: john_smith_swot)

If the student’s name is missing, the assignment will NOT be accepted.

Component Module Due Points
Product selection One None
Full product description with feature and benefits Two 50
SWOT Analysis Three 50
Segmentation Six 50
Promotional Action Plan Seven 100

You must have five promotional action items as described below. Each of these must be a different media
or type of promotion. For example, you cannot have two television ads or three direct mailers. None of the
five can be flyers or brochures unless the printed piece is being used in conjunction with a broader action
item. While you can print a brochure and use it in a direct mail campaign or at a trade show, you may
NOT use the brochure itself as one of your action items. There will be a 50 percent reduction in your
grade for not following this prohibition.

Each of the FIVE required action items is worth up to 20 points, allocated as follows: