Management Control Research paper

Management Control Research paper

Management Control Research. Answer the following questions about Speklé and Verbeeten (2014)

  1. The authors use contractibility as the key characteristic of the PMS. Describe in your own words how they measure contractibility.
  2. Why do the authors include the analysis reported in Table 6? Where do the findings differ from those in Table 5?
  3. Explain how the authors measure performance. Do you trust the conclusions of the paper given the way in which performance is measured?

Answer the following questions about Ylinnen and Gullkvist (2014)

  1. Explain how the authors define organic and mechanistic control. Where would you place each type in the categorization of Adler and Borys (1996), and in the levers of control-framework of Simons (1995)? Keep in mind that Simons (1995) defines interactive controls as involving top management.
  2. 2. The authors expect that mechanistic and organic control are complementary in their effect on project performance. Briefly summarize why they expect this, and explain which hypothesis and which coefficients represent this expectation.
  3. 3. How do the authors measure whether a project is exploratory or exploitative? Give a positive and a negative aspect of this operationalization.

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