KKK and the U.S. Constitution

KKK and the U.S. Constitution
You are the Director of the Public Library in your hometown. The library is funded with tax dollars and with some private contributions. Your boss is the Mayor of the City. You and all of the library employees are city employees. One morning you receive a letter from the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). The letter requests that it be allowed to conduct its annual business meeting in one of the meeting rooms at the library. The letter explains that it will be a peaceful meeting and that all those in attendance will be dressed in normal business attire (no white garb or hoods). The library frequently permits various organizations (ACLU, NAACP, DAR, etc) to use its meeting rooms with adequate notice. You look at the calendar and determine that the meeting room is available on the day requested by the KKK. Ch. 10

(A) Using provision (s) of the U. S. Constitution, explain why you either can or cannot permit the KKK to use your meeting room for the purposes stated. Page 57.

(B) Separate and apart from your answer in Section A, explain how an ethical theory from the readings in Week 2 would guide you on this matter. Make sure you clearly explain the ethical theory and how it applies to this situation.

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