King Abdullah Scholarship Program for Saudi Students in USA

King Abdullah Scholarship Program for Saudi Students in USA Custom Essay

I am writing this paper to give you information about King Abdullah Scholarship Program, and what is the importance of it. King Abdullah started the program in 2005 that allows student to study abroad and they have a permission to choose their favorite place to study. They will choose from a list including more than 30 countries. In this paper, I am going to talk about: firstly, the program in general and what are the benefits for governments and students. Secondly is the program and Saudi students in USA in specific.

* Goals of the program.

* Age of the program and extending stages.

* The massive work of SACM.

* Eligible students

* Students’ services

* Health insurance

* Student’s experiences

* Budget / expenses

* Statistics


In addition to answer theses questions:


  1. a) Why Saudi students decide to come to the US?
  2. b) What are they looking for?
  3. c) How does the financial part of it work?
  4. d) How does the recruitment part of it work?
  5. e) What support services are available once they get here?
  6. f) Was that an important part of the decision to attend a particular college?
  7. g) What were other important parts of the selection decision?
  8. h) How is retention of international students?
  9. i) What else should we know about this topic?


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