Kaiser company

Q10. The following data applies to Kaiser company (millions of dollars):

Cash & marketable securities $ 100
Fixed assets $283.5
Sales $1,000
Net income $50
Quick ratio 2.0x
Current ratio 3.0x
DSO (average collection period)* 40 days
ROE 12%

*Calculation is based on a 360 day year.

Kaiser has no preferred stock – only common equity, current liabilities, and long-term debt.

Find Kaiser’s (1) accounts receivable (A/R), (2) current liabilities, (3) current assets,

(4) total assets, (5) ROA, ( 6 ) common equity, and (7) long-term debt.

Q11. Ace industries have current assets equal to Rs. 3 Million. The company’s current ratio is 1.5, and its quick ratio is 1.0.

a) What is the firm’s level of current liabilities?

b) What is the firm’s level of inventories?

Q12.Complete the balance sheet and sales information in the table that follows for Hoffmeister Industries using the following financial data:

Debt ratio: 50%

Quick ratio: 0.80x

Total assets turnover: 1.5x

Days sales outstanding / average collection period: 36 days*

Gross profit margin on sales: (sales – cost of goods sold)/sales = 25%

Inventory turnover ratio: 5x

*Calculation is based on a 360 day year.

Balance Sheet
Assets $ Liabilities & Equity $
Cash Accounts payable
Accounts receivable Long-term debt 60,000
Inventory Common stock
Fixed assets Retained earnings 97,500
Total Assets 300,000 Total Liabilities & Equity
Sales Cost of Goods Sold

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