Infectious and Communicable Disease PowerPoint Presentation

Infectious and Communicable Disease

Infectious and Communicable Disease PowerPoint Presentation


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You are a community health nurse working to address infectious and communicable diseases in your area. For this assignment, examine one of the infectious or communicable diseases described in your text. Create a PowerPoint presentation that will be presented to influential community leaders regarding the characteristics, transmission, and prevention and control measures of your specific communicable/infectious disease.

Infectious and Communicable Disease


Differentiate between infectious and communicable disease in your presentation. Describe to your audience the agent, host, and environmental characteristics that influence this disease. If there were an outbreak of this disease how would you recommend conducting outbreak investigation and public health surveillance?

Use the supplemental resources and websites to assist you in the development of this PowerPoint. Be sure to cite your references. See the Infectious & Communicable Disease Presentation Rubric in the Course Resources or Course Syllabus for specific grading criteria.

See the rubric in the attached syllabus on page 10. I would like the focus to be on HIV and please include the use of PrEP therapy.

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