Individual Marketing Plan Assignment 2 MN2305

Individual Marketing Plan Assignment 2 MN2305

Assignment 2 MN2305

Report style 1,500 – 2,000 words

Use accurate and frequent Harvard style in text referencing, double line spacing

Deep research will be evidenced by a substantive bibliography (2-3 pages)

Use of relevant marketing literature, industry sources and original and customised illustrations are expected

Deep research using academic, media and company sources is expected

You should be demonstrating a strong understanding of marketing learnt during this terms lectures, seminars and beyond class personal consolidation and wider reading
This is hard & requires time

From the industry you selected for the first assignment, identify a real company, product or brand of your choosing

Ideally your choice will be in trouble or experiencing a period of change

Develop a marketing plan

Wide use of relevant theory and company examples is required

Cover student ID only (not name);

An accurate word count

A short introduction/executive summary

Unusually, a conclusion is NOT required

Dealing with ambiguity is a skill that can develop with experience (good and bad !)
There are no good/better/best options
You should pick a company/product/brand that is researchable in English
Choosing an interesting option will help fuel efforts and boost your motivation to work hard

Review guidance on analysis

Use expert opinion and data as evidence

Include some evaluation of different stakeholder perspectives

Academic writing style

You MUST not borrow/copy industry analysis from the first assignment. It would be duplication or plagiarism.
You should instead develop an augmented, original summary industry analysis. This should be presented in a graphical/visual format.

A key task is identifying and synthesizing an integrated marketing plan framework. Please do not ask for headings, you need to establish these.

This assignment invites consideration of ONE company. How does this business compare with the industry you now have a solid understanding of ?

Is the business model canvass useful here ? What other analytical frameworks might you use ?