Immigration Essays with Great Titles

Immigration Essay Topics

You will need to choose an appropriate title for your paper. Creative immigration essay titles are always appropriate. Choose any of the ideas provided below to write outstanding essays about immigration. Get help from a writing service if you need one.

  1. Illegal immigration – popular misconceptions and myths.
  2. Is it appropriate to encourage illegal immigration? Why or why not?
  3. Is it good when illegal immigrants can become citizens?
  4. Illegal immigration and healthcare insurance.
  5. Is it ethical to deny illegal immigrants the very basic benefits such as health care?
  6. What about building the wall on the border?
  7. Should illegal immigrants be deported from the U.S.? What about their families?
  8. Reforms to reduce illegal immigration.
  9. Illegal immigration and its implications for the system of education.
  10. How illegal immigrants compromise the patterns of macroeconomic development in the country.
  11. How expensive or unaffordable is illegal immigration?
  12. Is illegal immigration a solution to low supply of labor and lack of unskilled personnel in different industries?
  13. My personal opinion about illegal immigration.
  14. Illegal immigration as a challenge to border security.
  15. Child welfare for illegal immigrants in the U.S.
  16. How illegal immigration changes a child’s life and developmental trajectory.
  17. Illegal immigration and crime – is there any relationship?
  18. The voice of politics in framing the public debate over illegal immigration.
  19. Illegal immigrants versus aliens.
  20. How illegal immigrants change the nature and effectiveness of labor practices in farming.
  21. Illegal workers – should unemployed Americans blame them for their unemployed status?
  22. Low wages or high wages? How illegal immigration changes the balance of forces in the labor market.
  23. Taxation on wages paid to illegal immigrants.
  24. What about immigrants who are highly educated and skilled? Do they deserve any privileges?
  25. How does the school system change in response to illegal immigration?
  26. Questions of safety and security with the growing number of illegal immigrants working in the construction industry.
  27. Migration as visible obscured phenomenon – every sees, but no one notices.
  28. Migration and seeking a refugee status. How being a refugee is better than being an illegal alien.
  29. What is the economic and social value of illegal immigration?
  30. How does illegal immigration threaten individual and public health?
  31. What about the costs of fighting the epidemics brought by aliens?
  32. The U.S. as the land of immigrants, and why immigration should remain a part of life in America.
  33. Blue collar jobs as a factor of attraction in immigration.
  34. Deportation – its benefits and costs.
  35. Human trafficking in and outside of the U.S.
  36. How well is border patrol prepared to stop illegal immigrants from crossing the border?
  37. What are the benefits of illegal immigration?
  38. What laws are the least effective in reducing illegal immigration?
  39. What are the social costs of immigration, both legal and illegal?
  40. What about the aliens who take the most dangerous and physically challenging jobs?
  41. The main causes of illegal immigration in the 21st century.
  42. How immigration evolved and influenced society in the past century.
  43. How are slavery and immigration related?
  44. How should the immigration laws be amended/reformed/revised to create the best conditions for everyone?
  45. What are the states with the highest density of immigrants?
  46. It is appropriate to keep illegal immigrants on an isolated island without letting them in?
  47. How does the national government handle immigration issues?
  48. What about undocumented immigrants – do they deserve amnesty?
  49. Many Americans view illegal immigrants as a threat to their health and economic well-being. These people may have difficulty recognizing the hidden advantages of illegal immigration (e.g. changes in the labor market). The truth is that every country has its illegal immigrant communities. What is the impact of eradicating illegal immigration? How would removing aliens influence the economy and labor market?
  50. Europe is in the midst of a serious immigration crisis. Meanwhile, the inflow of immigrants to Europe continues to increase. European countries undergo dramatic policy shifts in an attempt to respond to or reduce illegal immigration. How does a culture of one European country change citizens’ perceptions of illegal immigrants?
  51. Illegal immigrants know they will have to cope with the problems on their own, due to their alien status. They do not have any contacts and do not participate in any local networks. Is it appropriate to bring illegals together, so that they can handle their problems without hurting anyone?
  52. What about the value of integration and assimilation programs for illegal immigrants? Are there any benefits and what are the hidden costs?
  53. Can illegal immigrants cultivate public tolerance for diversity and difference?
  54. How can the U.S. tackle the problem of intolerance and hatred toward immigrants, regardless of their legal status?
  55. What are the labor markets and sectors of economy that can benefit from having aliens in?
  56. Is there anything that can eradicate illegal immigration as a phenomenon?
  57. What are the main reasons people become illegal immigrants?

Review these topics and choose what interests you most. You are absolutely welcome to propose your own topics or choose among the ones provided by your professor.