If a pull policy is used in promoting a product

If a pull policy is used in promoting a product

T F If a pull policy is used in promoting a product, the producer promotes the product only to the next marketing institution down the channel.

198. T F When a push policy is used in promoting a particular product, the producer promotes the product directly to consumers.

199. T F Word-of-mouth communication is not especially important when people are choosing restaurants and automotive, medical, and personal services such as hair care.

200. T F Successful marketers that understand the significance of word-of-mouth communication seek out opinion leaders and try to encourage them to try their products in the hope they will spread favorable word about them.

201. T F Viral marketing is an attempt to create a trend or acceptance of a product through word-of-mouth communications.

202. T F Product placement is a form of advertising that strategically locates products or product promotions within entertainment media to reach the product’s target market(s).

203. T F One reason that promotion suffers from widespread criticism is that promotional efforts are highly visible and affect our everyday lives.

204. T F During the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, promotion was about as accurate as it is today.

205. T F A small percentage of promotion efforts are fraudulent.

206. T F Deceptive promotional practices today are common because of a lack of regulation.

207. T F If promotion is successful at stimulating demand, it will tend to increase prices.

208. T F One truth about promotion is that it raises prices.

209. T F Certain types of promotion facilitate price competition.

210. T F Promotion of products tends to keep their prices high.

211. T F While promotion does not create needs, it does capitalize on them.

212. T F One positive aspect of promotion is that it informs consumers about product uses, features, benefits, prices, and locations where the products can be bought.

213. T F Because we are exposed to so much promotion in our daily lives, and the purpose of promoting goods is to persuade people to buy them, a common criticism is that promotion encourages materialism.

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