Hum 370: Analysis of an Image

Hum 370: Analysis of an Image

You will write an analysis of the qualities, significance, bias (implice & explicit) of an image or practice that relates to African American experience and/or culture. This image or practice can be from any time period. You must show the significance of this image or practice, how it exacerbates ideas and values, how it effects those around it, and/or how it effects your personally. You must quote from class material or use information that we studied in class. You essay needs to be subjective (the “I” voice) at least in part as you analyze your subject through your own experiences.

MLA Format 3 pages Blackboard – Turn it In

Essay will be evaluated on:


· Choose a subject that is less common.

· Make sure you synthesize ideas into a unique understanding.

· Use sourcing sparingly and only as a way of framing ideas.


· Mention texts we have studied (Dubois, 13th, Rankine)

· Use class ideas and terms throughout (bias, historical context)

· MLA Format, please (correct headers, works cited page) with one citation (cite any internet sourcing), that mentions ideas by author’s name


· Use the “I” voice at some place in the text.

· Use narratives and illustrate ideas with your own personal experiences.

· Show your own unique viewpoint as it relates to what you understand.

Examples of specific “images” you and analyze and evaluate for this Unit:

· Write about a commercial on television. Talk about the value system is encourages. Note any bias.

· Analyze a piece of art. Be specific to the time period, artist view, and your own engagement with the piece.

· Write about a practice that excluded African Americans. Mention the historical significance of this practice. Effects? How was it changed? When? Why?

· Write about an incident that betrays an implicit or explicit bias, make sure it relates to subject material and analyze your own bias or privilege.

· Write about a protest movement we have mentioned. Analyze the success or failure of this movement and talk about the movement’s leadership. (Do NOT write about the Civil Rights Movement).


I do accept creative essays (visual essays, blog essays, or video essays). If you want to do something unique or special, either see me after class or send me an email and let me know what you are thinking.