How Limor Fried use technology

How Limor Fried use technology

You will research how woman have used and are now using technology in another country/culture and cite historical significance and trends.

The focus of your writing must follow this subject order.

  1. Culture:¬†How other women in the technologist’s time period, field of technology, and culture/country use(d) technology. (5 points)¬†chronology of technical inventions
    1. Describe the culture in detail…help the reader understand the culture of origin; the heritage; its influence.
    2. Note what tools, equipment, methods were common among women in that era in that culture.
      • This is the most ignored requirement of the project.
      • To avoid a reduction in your score, please use the sources listed in this Google search for¬†chronology of technical inventions¬†to learn about tools commonly used by women in the era and culture you’re researching.
  2. Trends: Your interpretations, comparisons, and conclusions of trends in those areas. (5 points)
    1. Interpret trends¬†related to gender and the topic’s technology.
    2. Use statistics here to illustrate cultural norms in education and business.
    3. Do not state what you ‘believe,’ but¬†what you have discovered to be true via¬†research.
  3. Biography:¬†The woman technologist’s life and work. (7 points)
    1. Write a biography of her childhood influences, education, and work experience.
  4. Technology: The tools and methods she used. (8 points)
    1. Provide details, define terms, and show graphics to help a lay audience understand the complexities of the technology.
      • What did she invent using which tools and materials?
    2. Optional: Interview summaries are helpful here.
      • Remember: You can make specific quotes public, but the email conversation cannot be your “paper”.
      • Do not paste the interview or email reply from the interviewee into your blog.
      • You must write and edit original material like any other 300-level college paper would expect.
  5. Bibliography (2)
  • Cite a minimum of 7 scholarly sources.
  • Do NOT cite Wikipedia. Read¬†Ten Reasons….
  • Do NOT cite

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