How classical conditioning occurred for Sniffy

How classical conditioning occurred for Sniffy

How classical conditioning occurred for Sniffy Custom Essay

After completing Sniffy exercises 1-5 (Photos of the exercises are uploaded in additional files.) write an APA style lab report concerning how classical conditioning occurred for Sniffy. Include the following key concepts: acquisition, extinction, spontaneous recovery, and conditioned emotional response. Your report must be in APA style, have at least 3-5 outside references and include the following sections: Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusion, and References.

1) The 3-5 references should be in your introduction section. They should be peer reviewed articles and\or the textbook that provide support for classical conditioning from the literature.

2) The abstract should be an overall summary of the article (less than 50 words). It should include data from each part.

3) The methods should just be a general summary of what you did for each experiment. You do not need to get too specific since the experiments were done on a computer.

4) The results section should be a brief summary of what you did and include graphs from the experiment.

5) The discussion section should have the conclusions that you can make from the results, some generalizations or implications of the research for a wider population (ie humans), and the limitations of your work.

6) The future studies section should discuss how you would improve the limitations that you discussed above in future research.

*I also uploaded a rubric to see what is needed specifically.

All information needed for the Sniffy exercises can be found in the uploaded photos (screenshots of the exercises) and scanned pages of the Sniffy textbook explaining the process of the experiments and what they show.


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