HIS 274 week 2

HIS 274 week 2

HIS 274 week 2, Write a SHORT essay – between 350 and 500 words. This is usually, ONE page (or one page and a quarter), single spaced.

You are writing a HISTORICAL essay. When you write about an event/accusation, your statements must include answers to the following questions: Who? Whom? Where? When? Why? You have to explain what was the Blood Libel, the Bubonic Plague – when, where, who … as if the person reading the essay knows nothing about the subject.

Your answers must be based upon your analysis and understanding of the required readings. Your answers should convince me that you have read and thought about the required readings, and that you have tried to understand the significant and difficult issues, problems, and questions we are studying.

Very Important

You must write a complete and FULL answer to the big question. Therefore, you MUST answer ALL the specific small questions below the short and main question.

Your answers must be based upon your analysis, understanding, and reactions to the required readings. They should show that you have read and thought about the assigned readings. Include your reactions (views, opinions, and feelings) in your essays; they are valuable as long as they are based on your understandingof and reactions to your reading.

Describe what were the different factors, conditions and weaknesses of the Weimar Republic that eventually destroyed the Weimar Republic, and how they led to the rise of Hitler and Nazism/National Socialism to power in 1933.

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